The Retail & Travel Connection

One of the reasons GC Communications was founded is because of the gap that exists between the retail and travel industries.  We realize the significance of international travel as it relates to retail spending in the United States and the potential to tap into this ever-growing audience.

The No. 1 activity of travelers visiting the U.S. is shopping in stores. 

The GC Communications team has experience successfully developing international tourism marketing programs that increase shopper footfall and sales at locations across the United States.  The international visitor audience is largely untapped by the retail industry directly, however, and GC Communications offers the experience and knowledge to drive awareness and sales growth for brands willing to see this as their next innovation. 

Reach New Audiences to Increase Sales

Harnessing the spending power of international visitors to the United States can result in incremental sales growth, however, to do so requires an intricate and long-term approach and knowledge of the ongoing shifts in market trends and global indicators. For example, this oft-repeated phrase - "While the number of visitors to a destination might have increased, overall revenue is down." -  well describes today's tourism economy.  Inbound international markets that were once stable and a source of visitor spending have declined.  Spending habits from some markets have changed due to the strengthening of the U.S. dollar and other factors. 

GC Communications is poised to assist retail brands in making inroads with this lucrative audience.  Through our extensive knowledge of the international travel industry and execution of direct communication with international consumers during the trip planning stage and their visit, we help companies build upon their own branding efforts to reach new customers and create demand for their product.  Learn how.