Name of the Game? It's Collaboration - Value Retail News, May 2016

The ink is dry on the lease and a retail brand is now part of a community of stores, located in a community of potential customers.  Depending on the outlet center, its target demographic may be anywhere from the surrounding 30-mile perimeter to the globe! 

The very nature of retail demands that brands set themselves apart in a crowded marketplace by offering a unique product to shoppers.  Assimilation into a larger product - the shopping center - and its efforts to drive footfall, doesn’t come naturally.  In fact, quite the opposite, brands are typically focused on driving traffic solely into their store.  Nevertheless, retailers in outlet centers can benefit greatly by participating in the developer’s marketing efforts to drive overall traffic and sales.  And, vice versa, savvy developers that work with brands to ensure each one’s success will ultimately do the same for the shopping center as a whole. Easier said than done.  How do retailers and developers collaborate to collectively drive center traffic and harness the spending power of shoppers, while highlighting the distinction of each brand?

When Digital’s Bubble Pops, Luxury Will Return to Its Old-School Ways

A savvy Convention and Visitors Bureau - The Beverly Hills CVB - commissioned a study to examine the landscape of the luxury market and its trends on a global scale.  Founded in 1914, the BHCVB’s goal is to keep Beverly Hills top of mind as a luxury destination. The research finds that "while brands acknowledge the importance of digital and consumers begin to search for authentic experiences and services, current market trends suggest that traditional luxury will come full circle."

Tapping Global Shoppers - Value Retail News January/February 2016

As Americans adopt new shopping habits, often away from bricks and mortar, the No. 1 activity of travelers visiting the U.S. is shopping in stores.

The impact of the travel industry on retail hasn’t been fully appreciated, which means there’s an extraordinary opportunity to increase in-store sales by capturing a larger share of this market. In the past, international shoppers were mostly seen in major destinations such as New York City, Orlando and Las Vegas. But a growing number of travelers are visiting secondary and tertiary destinations in the U.S., where they shop for a broad selection of products in a variety of retail environments.