Believe you can and you’re halfway there.
— Theodore Roosevelt

Jean Guinup Bio

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Growing up in New York City, Jean learned at a young age the meaning of the word “assimilation”—not  a word that was used then to describe being immersed in a multitude of diverse languages and cultures; but rather a life she lived every day. Her multi-cultural upbringing inspired a life filled with travel, exploration and the creation of friendships around the world. 

Jean’s ability to build productive and long-term business relationships on a global scale is a tribute to her knack for listening and empathizing with the needs of her colleagues and partners. Her efforts have been recognized via formal awards and appointments such as the “Tribute to Woman Award” from the YWCA,  the “Shop America Person of the Year Award” and her appointment as a Board Member for the U.S. Travel Association. 

Jean has held a variety of diversified positions throughout her career, including advertising sales for a small newspaper and oversight of marketing for Brotherhood Winery (NY). Active in the business and tourism community, she was the founding member of two Chambers of Commerce, Board Member of the the Hudson Valley Tourism Council and President of the Hudson Valley Wine Council. At Premium Outlets, she was General Manager of Woodbury Common Premium Outlets and Regional Vice President, Marketing for the NE Region. 

As a leader in international tourism marketing, Jean’s knowledge of the global travel landscape is unparalleled.  Her connections span from major destinations across the United States via tourism boards, Convention & Visitor Bureaus and national organizations such as Brand USA, to media outlets and travel companies in international markets such as Western Europe, Canada, Latin America, Asia and Australia. During her tenure with Premium Outlets, Jean was passionate about collaborating with retail brands to understand their business to devise strategies and tactics to drive traffic and sales, which ultimately benefited the shopping centers overall. Her role in connecting the demand for retail with international tourism was paramount to the success of Premium Outlet Centers across the U.S.

Jean believes in constant change and “zigging and zagging” to ensure a layer of visionary thinking is always applied to everyday strategic planning. She is admired for her tireless efforts to exceed expectations, ensuring the future and long-term success of whatever business or project she is working on. Jean founded GC Communications with the purpose of sharing her passion and knowledge to drive her client’s success. 

In her spare time, Jean enjoys spending weekends with her husband, children and grandchildren, speed walking and exercise, reading and spending as much time outdoors and by the beach as possible. She also supports her local church’s outreach into the community.